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Our IT consultancy services

Our IT consultancy is fueled by a focus on your story. What’s your business about? What are your tech headaches? Your ambitions?

Understanding this lets us tailor solutions that run without a hitch, and it means you gain a squad of experts who demystify tech and align it with your business vision. 


Our Core Services

Network Design and Optimisation London
Network Design and Optimisation London

Network Design and Optimisation 

We see networks as lifelines that power your business. Our approach starts with taking a good look at your current setup to pinpoint what’s holding it back, and then crafting a network that’s ready for your business today and tomorrow.


What this means for you is a network that runs smoother and safer. Reduced glitches, zero ‘why is this not working’ moments, and a setup that scales as your business grows. 

Network Health Assessment London
Network Health Assessment London

Network Health Assessment

Regular health assessments are crucial to a smooth, efficient network. They help us fine-tune performance and catch issues before they become hassles, ensuring your network is always up to speed and secure. 

When conducting these assessments, we analyse and identify areas for improvement before getting to work. The result? A healthy and robust network that’s ready to tackle any future challenges.

Firewall Configuration & Management London
Firewall Configuration & Management London

Firewall Configuration & Management

We're seasoned in configuring and managing firewalls to ensure they're not just present but actively guarding your network against threats.

Each firewall system we manage is a bespoke solution, customised to the ebb and flow of your business. We consider your specific risks and network architecture to provide a firewall solution that reduces security breaches and safeguards data. 

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Solutions London
Virtual Private Network (VPN) Solutions London

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Solutions

Every business has unique requirements for remote access, and our VPN solutions are crafted to match any of them – whether it's supporting a remote workforce or connecting multiple offices.


We provide you with a reliable, and easy-to-manage remote access for your team. The benefit? Peace of mind that your data is secure while enjoying the flexibility your team needs to be productive from anywhere.

Network Audit London
Network Audit London


We use thorough network audits to uncover opportunities for improvement and optimization in your business.

Our comprehensive process assesses every aspect of your network – from security to performance metrics. Using the latest tools and techniques, we’ll uncover inefficiencies and provide actionable insights for peak performance.

Cybersecurity Consulting London
Cybersecurity Consulting London

Cybersecurity Consulting 

Our cybersecurity consulting creates a digital fortress for your business to actively guard against cyber threats. From risk analysis to designing a robust security architecture, we assess, plan, and protect from every angle. 

How do we do it? First, we get to know your business inside out. Then, we craft a cybersecurity strategy that’s as unique as your fingerprint – whether it’s shielding your network from unseen attacks or ensuring your data stays confidential. 

Network Security Assessments London
Network Security Assessments London

Network Security Assessments

Our process is meticulous and proactive. We identify the weak spots in your network and then strategize on how to fortify them, scouting for vulnerabilities and potential threats.

These assessments are central to managing your network security, fixing and anticipating problems before they can put your business at risk. 

Secure Network Design London
Secure Network Design London

Secure Network

Our holistic approach to network design starts by understanding your business operations and risks. Then, we built a network that is not only efficient and scalable but inherently secure. 

From selecting the right hardware to implementing advanced protocols, each step integrates safety into every corner of your business.

SD-WAN Solutions London
SD-WAN Solutions London


SD-WAN is what happens when you take a traditional WAN and turbocharge it for today's demands. We’re at the forefront of deploying SD-WAN solutions, known for transforming network performance and reliability.

We’ll tailor an SD-WAN solution that streamlines your network operations and delivers a level of flexibility that traditional WANs can only dream of. The result is a smarter, more resilient network that supports your business now and in the future.

Where your IT needs


Let's be honest, many companies out there are chasing profits. But at IPwox, we play a different game – your satisfaction is what we're after. 


The 'I' in IPwox


Integrity is rare these days, especially in tech. But at IPwox, it's our starting point. We're committed to honest, transparent dealings. 


The 'P' in IPwox


Now, let's talk passion – also known as the fuel behind our services. Our team is composed of tech enthusiasts who love solving problems. This passion means we're not just working on your IT needs, but genuinely excited to find the best solutions for your business.


The 'X' in IPwox


Finally, excellence – the 'X' factor. It's what happens when integrity and passion combine. We're not here to deliver 'just okay' services. We aim high, making sure you get more than you expected on every project.

Our Pricing

Scheduling a chat with one of our IT consultants is the best way to get a clear idea of your expected costs. By learning about the scale of your project, we can provide a plan that aligns with your needs at a price that makes sense. 

Whether you're looking to redesign your network infrastructure or require in-depth IT consultancy, we're here to craft a plan that works for you, both in terms of solutions and budget.

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